Jehoviah Witnesses

Man, I can't stand people that feel like they have to go door to door trying to spread the word of God. I know that people want to get others informed but if I'm at my house (or apartment), I don't want to be bothered. Besides, these people don't want to debate, they want to be pushy.

I was getting ready for work a couple days ago and I hear a soft knocking on my door. I look out the peephole at two women outside. I didn't acknowledge them and continued getting ready. I left not too long after and they were still there. They came right over and started talking to me. Really, I couldn't give a shit. They kept talking about the "end times" and all that bullshit. People think that just because I'm agnostic/atheist that I don't know anything about Christianity. I was raised a Christian and I've studied it. I know more than most. Anyway, I decided not to bother with these women. I just dismissed myself and left. Then of course called the apartment office and let them know that people were soliciting. So, the apartment complex did what I wanted- threw them out on their asses.

There. I feel better after venting.

Uploaded 07/27/2008
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