jello and chickens

Since I have no life, TV makes up a huge portion of it.  I wanted to watch Charmed cause Alyssa Milano is hot, but golf was on instead.  So I decided to try something different, I turned on Maury!  I was expecting to see the welfare moms paternity testing guys 30-35.  Boy was I wrong.  Maury is tormenting people and their phobias and its fucking hilarious.  This one lady is afraid of JELLO!  Maury kept making her look at photos of Jello in a various states.  People eating it, swishing it in their mouths and finger jello.  Then one of the producers brought out a HUGE vat of jello and the lady freaked out and ran backstage with the guy with the jello chasing her around!  Holy shit I think I pissed myself! 

Then he brings out a lady who is afraid of chickens.  Her reasoning is because when she was little she lived in a town were everyone had chickens?!?!?!?!  Total white trash!  Well one of the chickens got out of the yard and started chasing her down the street! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I pissed myself again.  She then tells Maury that she has a nightmare everynight that a chicken is chasing her down the street.  Maury keeps making her look at video clips of live chickens, raw chicken and guys dressed in chicken suits.  Then Maury has the guys in chicken suits come out and attack the lady!  Yet again, I pissed myself. 

Well I'm going to clean up the piss and change my clothes.

Uploaded 08/07/2008
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