Jesse Jackson Racist Comments

     Here is a direct quote of Jesse Jackson during his interview with Bill O'Reilly"Barack...he's talking down to black people...telling n****s how to behave," Jackson reportedly said during what he thought was an off-mic moment.  Please not that this is the guy that got the N-word banned in NYC.  Clearly this guy wants a black man to be President - because we all know that Jackson never stood a chance.  This guy is the biggest hypocrite ever invented.  If I was Obama, I would not accept this beatniks apologize.  Obama finally stood up, similar to Bill Cosby, and told the American people that it is the responsibility of the blacks to take care of themselves and to improve their own lives.  But then he totally scews up by accepting a fake apology by Jackson- basically reverting what he believes in and now telling the American people that it is the white mans fault that black people are stuck in the ruts.  News flash - WE WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT RACIST.  The black community needs to stop using reverse racism, get off your butts, and do something about it.


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Uploaded 07/16/2008
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