Jest tam ktos?

So I am feelin kinda down today. Last nite I couldnt sleep I had shooting pains throughout my body.  I know it was due to stress.

I woke up around 5 am and couldnt sleep. As   I lay there  I decided to give myself a breast exam. I have this fear of getting cancer for the longest time.

I'm not quite sure why I am feeling down but  I know that I have a pretty good idea and I;m just being delusional.

Its for many different reasons. I think some of those include but are not limted too:

- I dont know what to do about my first boyfriend ; my first love

- I am stressed about school. Grad school is a lot of fucking stress!

- I found out last week that my apt went down over $ 150, 000 in value since the fucking depression hit us!

- I am turning 25 in May and  I want to fucking kill myself for that reason

- My dog is getting old and sick

- My parents are getting divorced

- My brothers girlfriend is a gold digger

- I found a tiny wrinkle on my face

- I lost a friend

Uploaded 02/19/2009
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