Jet Pilot Super Awesome Training Facility

A lot of stupid people tried to demean the awesomeness of my dream - becoming a jet pilot. Unfortunately for them, I know better. More than that, I checked the military base where bad ass soldiers start their careers. I made sure I was right about everything I posted in one of my older blogs - uniforms, flight speed, awesomness and cool people.

The arrival was full of surprises. Most of the guys there kept staring at me, so I guess they have good taste in the military. I kept getting lost and a soldier eventually came and asked "Are you a reporter?" I was shocked! He probably read my articles for the Meowly Meowmeow.  I said that I want to become a jet pilot and check the place out. He was so nice - he answered all my questions and gave me a tour. Turned out he's a big shot there (so he said) and I probably made a good impression on him (maybe he will be my superior when I become a pilot?).

I couldn't take photos there, but they have a lot of flyers and pics of their own. First thing I was interested in was the uniform, of course. Turns out that helmets don't damage the hair - they are high tech like the jets. Here is how a typical female jet pilot uniform looks like:


It's fucking awesome! Even better than I imagined. I though it was going to be a black body suit or something like that. The Boss (he said that everybody calls him that there) told me that body suits are only for special missions (so there are body suit uniforms too!).

When I told the pilot bad ass that was giving me the tour, that there is this dumb Canadian who says jets can't fly faster than light, he spit out his coffee. That's a reaction people get for something extremely stupid. So there, Letemdangle, that just proved that you're a moron.

The inside was so.... retro! I liked all the vintage elements. Bunk beds, showers painted in a way that they look like from American movies (dirty and unpleasant). Turns out girls and boys have separate sections, unfortunately, but it's still cool. The campus has a lot of entertainment for the recruits:

* billiards
* gym
* ring
* cinema
* gokarts
* rooster fights
* shooting range
* beauty salon - manicure and pedicure is FREE!
* water polo
* swimming pool
* video games
* library

And much more!

I asked if I get to fly the coolest and newest hi-tech jets if I join and the Boss said that someone as pretty as me will definitely fly only the best jets. There's a probability that I'll be flying this one:


It's a B2 Stealth fighter. It's made in America. It flies faster than light, shoots bombs, different kinds of rockets and green lasers.

Now I know some jealous douche bags will come crying in  the comments out of envy. Suck it, bitches!
Uploaded 12/10/2010
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