job search part two

  ok, so a few of you wanted to know why i got fired from my teaching job. also, i thought i should explain it to a few of you fuckwads who think you know me. so here we go.


  it all began with a phone call from my sister. I don't really want to divulge the details of this phone call with the douche bags from ebaumsworld, let's just say i was a little distraught. it gets worse.


  My wife, i love her, but sometimes she just makes a bad situation worse, decides to show me the home pregnancy test with the little smiley face lit up. needless to say, that shocked me a little bit. so i did what any normal man might of done, and i started drinking.


so there i was, drunk as a skunk, sitting on my front porch about to fall over when i get a call asking where the hell i am, why didn't i call to say i was gonna be late, all that bullshit.


  i somehow made it to the school (there really must be a god because i was way over the limit) and did my best to sober up before i walked into the class. it didn't work so well. Que me walking in and verbally berating a whole class of African American students. the racism my father had instilled in me was showing through. yay.


i really regret doing all that, but what happened happened and i can't really change it now can i? even if you call me an idiot, or tell me i shouldn't have done, it still happened.


i was being a real wanker at my last job, I'll admit it, but I'm realizing now that i need to straighten up, and i plan on doing that. if i get the job at the dell plant, i plan on doing everything i can to keep it. even if it means swallowing my pride.......




i want to give a big fuck you to all the stupid comments on my last blog, but i would also like to thank shadow2130 for his insights, because he is right, i am an idiot, i am a douche bag, and i need to get over myself and start doing what i can to get ready for this child.


anyway, go ahead, do your worst, i know im making a mistake by letting my personal life spill over into ebaumsworld, but oh well.

Uploaded 11/12/2008
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