Many years ago before the movies, I picked up and read the first novel of the series titled "The Hobbit" 5 pages in I was hooked and I continued on and read the 3 book series that many of you now know as Peter Jackson's movies. They are really pretty good interpretations of the greatest fantasy books ever written. I tried to read other books by Tolkien but his linguistic skills were to far advanced for me but I can honestly say I read all four of these books at least 5 times. I went through many Authors in an attempt to find somebody, anybody to fill his shoes and it just couldn't be done. One day while in line at my Kroger store they had this small book they were giving away for free (do not believe this nothing is free) so I picked it up and found what I was looking for at Kroger of all places. It was Robert Jordan and the beginning of a series called the "Wheel of Time" and not only did he do as well as Tolkien he wrote a series of books that went further and I always thought if Tolkien ever wrote an extension of "Lord of The Rings" the characters would be just like the ones in Robert Jordan's books. Every time I finished one of his novels I always had a couple of questions and they were....does he know how this is going to wrap up and how can anyone create so many characters and keep you so interested and vested in each one.

I am sure if you are aware of Jordan then you know he died in 2007 and although most of his book written it was not finished, enter Brandon Sanderson a fan of the books and a close friend of Jordan and he was hired to finish the series. On October 27TH the first of three novels to finish the series will be released titled "The Gathering Storm" and like every book before I am eagerly waiting the release. Mr. Jordan used to release one book a year until he reached book 11 or was it 12? This year Universal Pictures bought the rights to Book 1 in the series to make the movie and release a game so pick up a book and start reading and I envy any of you who have not read these books, I would love to be able to go back and start again fresh although I have read the series twice so far. I am going to put a web site down for anybody interested, so you can refresh your memory on characters and where they are at in the story.


Thanks for reading Bohank


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