Just Brakes

Just Brakes:

I went to Just brakes in Orlando, FL (Colonial Dr.), and they ripped me off!

I don’t recommend going there to anyone. They suck!

A friend of mine here in Orlando went to another Just Brakes location in Orlando. She got ripped off to!

They said on TV that you can get the brakes done for $99, Including everything. New pads, machine the rotors, drums, etc.

When I went in there, they took off my tires and looked at my car. Then they kept adding new things and new charges.

They said, “Well, we need to change this piece here. That is going to cost an extra $75.”

I said, “Ok, that is fine.”

They keep looking for more shit to add on to the cost.

They found something else and said, “We also have to change this. Otherwise, your will just have to be in here again in about a month, I said, “OK. That is fine.”

Now they kept looking and found a Third thing to replace. I figured it out by now that they are just being ass holes and trying to rip me off. I am starting to get pissed off!

They said, “Well. We have to change this piece and the cost of that will be $265. Plus the cost of everything else.”

I said, “Wait a god damn minute! You are pissing me off and being ass holes! You said on TV that it was $99 to change the brakes! I am not going to pay you ass holes $500 for something that is supposed to only be $99!”

“What is the minimum you can do to my car to get it back on the road?”

They gave me some bull shit estimate that would include brake pads and not even machining the rotors or anything. They said it would cost $350.

I told them I only had $300 on me. They asked if I had a credit card or if I could take money out of the bank or have a friend or relative send me more money. I said no.

They were not too happy with me now.

I told them, “You just put my tires back on my car right now and I am going to take my business somewhere else! I am also going to notify the Better Business Bureau that you are ripping people off and I am going to post this on the internet on sites like E-baum and You Tube. When I get done, no one will ever come here again!


Uploaded 09/19/2008
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