Just got done Moving



What a awful move I just went through. My wife and I moved with our Kids to a new town 200 miles from where we lived. One thing I hate is when you have to get all the Shit turned back on for the new place. I called a week ahead and that was my first mistake. So the Phone company who instals my 10mbp Dsl line came 3 days early but left the modem and didnt turn the service on. So I have to wait till Thursday for them to come out and turn it back on so they are now charging me a service fee. I called there asses and they were like I see you have the date set for the 11th which was my first time I called for. Then se was like I see they came early and droped the modem off and didnt turn your service on. I was like yeah i wasnt here cause I wasnt fully packed and ready yet. She said they stoped there once for free I still have to pay a service call to get them to hook up my shit. I was pissed off and talked to a superviser about it and finnaly after 2 hours they droped the service fee.


So the cable company called saying dont forget about thursday hook up for the cable. Fine and dandy and they are brining the cable tivo boxes and the cable modem out the same day the other guy is comming with the phone/dsl lines. (yes starting next week I will have two internet connection but the cable on eis for my X-box 360. So Now I got a friend who let me use his wireless connection till thursday that the gods in heaven.


Now here the thing I havent had cable in almost a week. I was last here friday bitching about shit and came back sunday so I wasnt Really gone. BUt when I am not on the net the house is so quiet. I been feeding the void of no cable with dvd's of tv shows I got a while back to catch up on my 80's sicoms and shit. I been watching Knight rider season 1-2 and I have noticed a lot.


David Hassolhoff is a real cry baby bitch boy(watch season 1 White birds). Kit had a built in Atari and the mechanic was playing space cadet. Davids bullets from his gun must have been made from the A-team cause it missed the targets or it grazed the person. And how david keep telling people about Kitt I wouldnt say shit to give his secret away shit people might steal Kit and shit (which they did). And Kitts twin was funny as hell to.


Alf season One is always great did you know That the father on Alf is now a coke feine look it up.


Happy days season 1-3 stil the best


Mork and mindy the fucking Nanu Nanu Robin williams is great.


And Perfect strager Got to get them that is clasic.


Now I shared that with you I got Family Matters 1-whatever the whole series I think. Full house and threes a company to watch till thursday. And I got Plenty more on dvd I just cant talk about them all such little time here lol




Uploaded 12/09/2008
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