just plain fuck

fuck obama fuck hilary fuck mccain fuck gas prices fuck minimum wage fuck people who don't know how to respect others fuck people who think they're better then everyone else fuck the government they have way too much power fuck people who never tried it but hate it fuck people who laugh at things that can't be controlled fuck our bogus rights fuck liberty fuck justice fuck all the brainwashing childrens shows fuck styles and trends fuck fakers fuck complainers its your life do what you want don't do what you don't want fuck celebrities fuck pro-athletes who lost the passion and only play for the green fuck prostitutes sex should be free fuck all fast food its slowly killing us all fuck the prices of organic foods theres no additives it should be cheaper fuck weight loss pills fuck Bill Gates share some fuckin money asshole fuck tuition all education should be free fuck health care that should also be free fuck the internet its a web of lies fuck credit cards fuck banks accounts fuck outsourcing keep Americans employed fuck crooked cops fuck racism and sexism everyone is equal fuck GE requirements fuck spammers fuck virals fuck youtube fuck ebaums fuck collegehumor fuck facebook fuck myspace fuck cell phones fuck life sentences just kill em fuck movie theaters you're not worth my 10 bucks fuck malls fuck beauty salons no woman needs to be made beautiful all women are already beautiful fuck aol fuck aim fuck NASA fuck this computer fuck material possessions fuck people who hurt animals fuck backstabbers fuck global warming fuck war make peace and fuck you and fuck me

Uploaded 05/10/2008
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