Just some nonsense..

So i havn't written a blog in a long time and since i'm so bored i thought i'd just share a few things going on in my life.

i just got fired from my job, that i had worked for a little over a year, last week, and i really wouldn't care if i didn't get paid so well. $11 an hour is pretty good for a 17 year old making coffee all day.. but i already have another job i'm most likely going to get hired for at this botique 20 minutes closer to my house. and it starts at $10 an hour so i'm happy with that.

remember that guy with the girlfriend? yea were still dating, nothing official but whose in a rush. and i know what you all are thinking but i know he's not using me. yea we have sex a lot but i'm telling you, i want to just as much as he does. but we dont always have sex when we hang out and when it was that time of the month for me, we still hung out everyday and didn't do anything. and you can say, "oh he'll just do the same thing to you he did to the other girl" maybe so, but as they say, i'd rather to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all..or whatever the exprssion is. he really is don't say anything and let me be happy!

also, my brother and his girlfriend are having a baby! it'll be my first time being an aunt and i'm very excited! it's a boy and they're thinking of naming him Blake Andrew. Andrew because it's my dad's name and his girlfriend's dad's middle name. he's due in Feb.

so yea, i don't expect very many to be all that interested but i was bored and this took up a good 10 minutes..

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