Just Testing This Out.

I see the blogs have gone over a well deserved make over. I look forward reading blogs now because it will make the blogs more creative/interesting, which always is a plus.
Granted, some spammers might go wild with such an upgrade...but that's why we have admins/mods ; ).

Aside from that cool change, It's been raining here in New York and it's lame. I get a call at 11am saying my class was canceled due to the weather we got. It rained all day until's quiet...too quiet, but I still would have gone to my class.(Not complaining, but it happens)

I'm looking forward to the weekend, Fantasy/Football Season has got me addicted. So far I'm
1-2...hopefully I'll be 2-2 after Sunday. I never done Fantasy Football before, but so far it's been entertaining. I'm a New York Giants fan and they weren't doing so great last week...penalties up the ASS.  Nothing like booze and football, I'll say that. I uploaded a video recently about a Ref Failing to call penalties, here it is.

Pretty awesome how it shows up like that.

Anyway, Have a good Friday tomorrow and a great weekend. I might blog again this weekend, if the feeling is right.

I'll leave you a random picture, just for lols. Enjoy



Uploaded 09/30/2010
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