Justice Department Sues America's Sherriff

After investigating Maricopa county's law enforcement for evidence of discrimination and finding no smoking gun, the Federal Justice Department filed a law suit against the Maricopa Sherriff's Department for not cooperating with the investigation.  What was it that the Justice Department did not recieve that they must file a law suit to recieve?

They won't comment.

Well that's interesting.  If you're not cooperating with the Justive Department to the point where the Top of the Top D.A. is going after your ass, then you'd think they would tell you what it is that they are suing you for so they coudl get it.  Ofcourse, if they spelled out exactly what it was he was witholding, then he'd be able to publically prove that he wasn't witholding anything, something that would make the Justice Department look bad because it would appear they are suing for political pressure.

During the investigation, the Justice Deprtment asked for "51 requests for documents and information on how the Sheriff's Office conducts traffic stops and searches, trains new recruits and treats prisoners held in county jails," documents the Sherriff's Department said it complied with and sent more material than requested.  They asked the Justice Department for the allegations of the wrong doing so that they could provide more specific information, to which the Justice Department apprently had nothing.  Supposedly, the investigation's purpose was to investigate incidences of "discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures."

So the Justice Department didn't recieve documents with "discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures" so either the Sherriff's Dept. must be witholding it, or there is none.  If there was incidents showing cause, what were they?

It appears to me the Justice Department is being used as a political tool against Arizona.  The Justice Department should have as little connection to politics as possible.  Afterall, they have the task of investigating the very politicians they work for.  The system is ripe for corruption.

-Earlier this year, the Justice Department informed it's prosecuting lawyers not to pursue cases of discimination where the victims were white and the perpatrators were black.  The policy was unwritten, but issued as a memo, to which one lawyer quit in protest and others leaked information to the press anonymously. The memo came from the "executive level".

-Soon after the memo, a voter intimidation case was dropped against the New Black Panthers in which two members of the party were standing outside of a polling booth doting police style batons, visibly and audbly harassing white voters on VIDEO.  It was considered an open and shut case from the begining.

-Recently the Justice Department, in a supposedly unrelated move to the Maricopa County investigation sued the state of Arizona over verbage in a voter-approved bill that reflected federal laws on illegal immigration.  This is fine, but the political aspect was for the reasons of "discrimination".  Apparently the rules that immigration enforcement officers go by are discrimnatory.  The White House did not hide the fact that it instructed the DOJ to pursue legal actions against Arizona, and the rhetoric had less to do with federal vs. state powers than it did with racism.

In a perfect world, the DOJ would act as a completely separate entity of the government, uninfluenced by any political entity, and with strict policies that would prevent bias and policy decisions -regardless of affiliation- from influence on cases, or decisions regarding which cases to handle.

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