Karma Has Squoze my Testes


sometimes at work i like to tuck my chef pants into my socks.  i call it "kicking it old school"

no one really likes me at work

unfortunately i didnt fall into the fryer last night.  i even set booby traps. but what do i know about booby traps. i've never seen a boob.

when you wear a backpack, does your shirt ride up? do you wear low pants?  have you ever not worn underwear on that day?

i ride the bus to work.  sometimes i wish i was crippled so i didnt have to pay the fare. most people in this city has realized this.  the isles are crowded with motorized wheelchairs, walkers, and baby strollers.  unwed teen mothers also dont have to pay for the bus.  but i figure that its easier to cripple myself than to get pregnant. Hm.

i had a bad incident yesturday.  i was listening to my Ipod on the bus. Adam Sandler.  and i lol'd.  it was bad timing on my part. at that moment a geezer with a walker stumbled and almost fell.

then i lol'd again

cos that shit is hilarious

later my balls swelled up to the point they looked like two tennis balls stretched into a tiny balloon.


my dog still stares at me





Uploaded 09/14/2009
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