Keep Religion Out of Government!

If there is one thing I can agree with, it's the idea of keeping religion out of government. It is only logical that this would make sense in a free thinking society as to not give advantage to any group or groups based on religious ideologies. However, it is without a doubt that Western laws are based on Judeo-Christian laws stemming from the Ten Commandments. I cannot imagine a reasonably moral man pointing to any of these commandments and saying they are unjust and should be removed from common law. 

However, our lives and laws cannot be confined to ten simple rules, our societies are too complex and unpredictable. Margaret Thatcher emphasized this when she said, "There is no society". There is no one dogma or understanding that encompasses us under one understanding that we all follow. A murderer, if not deranged, feels he has a right to kill, a thief, if not desperate, feels he can steal without regret. A womaniser,  if discreet , thinks screwing your wife is your own fault and a con man, having gained your confidence, see's you as lambs for slaughter.

If religion must be removed from government, due to it's " Ideologically defined dogmas" then we must also ask ourselves what other ideologically defined thought should be removed from government and laws.  At present, the biggest influence on government are lobby groups, some for big pharma, some for the industrial military complex, others for envirofundalmentalism, the LBGT Group and of course Big Oil and Corporate America. Yes, I know Christian lobby groups also play a big part in American politics, which I agree is absolutely ridiculous. Here in Canada, that influence remains at the local level, which is where it belongs. Thank you God for that. 

Still, I do not see how keeping religion out of government would in any way improve a country if a vacuum is created allowing other less scrupulous influences to fill that void. Religious influence must absolutely be replaced in government, the problem is people always need something to grab a hold of, something to believe and march forth with , so much so that enlightenment is a burden and something that is placed aside during the fervour, caused with human emotion. We've all read, "The ends justifies the means" and of course most would scoff at this if it meant getting your own brains blown away, but of course young persons and ignorant people feel they are indestructible and tear down anything that is good if it gets in their way.  

So where does all my bullshit lead us? There is good in all ideas if those ideas have the interest of all people at heart. Environmentalism wants clean air, water and ethical treatment of animals, LGBT groups want to be treated fairly, religious people want to worship in there own ways, atheist don't want to have religious restrictions placed on their behaviours, the industrial military complex wants  to build the most powerful instruments to keep peace, big pharma wants to develop life saving medicine and corporatism wants to create wealth. 

These are all noble causes and worth our full co-operation at a personal level not at a legislative level, which of course they have all become creating a disconnect between enlightenment and reality. These great ideas are attacked like an atheist who just wants to clear their mind of religious dogmas or the citizen who wants to care and love an animal the way they feel fit, or a business that would flourish if undue regulation was not placed on it. 

It is as though thought is the new realm of government. If you've felt that religion should not be a part of government, then I have some really bad news for you. Your very personal thoughts are now the property of government and it will legislate the fuck out of it until you are fined and prosecuted for any original idea that does not fall within a defined matrix.

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