Kicked out...

I havent wrote a blog in awhile beacue I got kicked out of my moms house. I dont have much time so I am going to make this kinda short. Well I had this dream where I was talking to my mom and then she invited me into her room. We started to talk for a good 5 mins untill she put her hand on my leg and started rubbing it. I then touched her chest and she grabbed my dick and took it out. Right when I got hard she started to suck me off about 5 mins into this she took her tounge and did something really weird... what she had done was stuck her tounge out of her moulth and shoved it inside my penis hole. She said I know you like that and we moved to the middle of her bed we both got completely undressed and I bent her over I then fucked her in the ass untill I came. I woke up right as I finished I checked my boxers and there was some white stains so I changed took a shower and made myself something to eat. While I was eating she came down and we started to talk. I thought the dream was some kind of sign so I told everything how I felt and all of the stuff we did in the dream. She looked up in shock and walked away. She came back later and told me I should leave the house for awhile. So I packed up my stuff and im now staying with a friend.

Uploaded 08/21/2008
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