Killing x22Tizzle

This has gone on long enough. New to the blog section, no. I read most of the blogs at night and the one person i could always count on to read a shit filled blog is x22tizzle. He is a stoner, attention whore and what do all of you do? You feed right into it. Rednote, you get bored one day and call him out. Why? Complete stupidity. Write a blog that doesnt suck instead because frankly, your no better then x22tizzle.

What makes me laugh is how you all view his blogs just to write "mean" messages to try and put him down. Well let me say this, good job guys. Those nasty comments you leave obviously arent working. You want him gone? Stop viewing his blogs. You read them and say how much they suck. But then when he writes another blog that you know is going to suck, you still view it. Good plan morons.

This is probably going to be my only blog i post and i know people are going to say "Thank god" or "You suck dick" while Tizzle and Rednote try to "battle blog" me, but you are all really wasting time. I am here to offer a way to kill x22tizzle and Rednote as well. This "battle blogging" shit is sad. Internet fighting is comical. You all need lifes.

Just adding this is not a direct insult to anyone. Well except to tizzle and rednote.

Tizzle, some of your blogs are decent, i wont lie. But your blogs when you try to start these wars are pathetic. Just write blogs about god's greatest plant because that is what you do best.

Rednote, you need to just stop trying to put everyone down with your comments. It's getting pretty old. We know you think you are better then everyone on this section so you put all the other bloggers down for no reason. Your not that great of a blogger yourself where you should be saying half the things you say to people.

AwfulJackass, if you would please, put out a blog about what you think about my blog and about the current state of this blog section along with your thoughts on tizzle and rednote. It would be appreciated. My opinion means nothing but your words go a long way. Plus your a helluva writer.

Uploaded 06/28/2009
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