Kitty Cat takes a shower



I have always noticed one of my cats (Maple) has been undaunted by everything normal cats hate. This morning, I took him in into the shower with me. I had been smelling him for a little while, and it could have just been his farts, but he smelled of cat ass. So, I figured, hell, I’m up for a wild ride.


So I called him over (which is just kissy sounds) and I picked him up and put him into the shower. This cat did not give a shit. I mean, he didn’t like water coming down and hitting him in the face but he didn’t try to jump out either! I could pick him up and hold him and he just relaxed. WTF? My other cat (Syrup) scratched the hell out of me once because I had to clean him. Maple didn’t care. So I set him down inside the tub, finished my shower and got out. I grabbed and towel and scooped him up in it and spent a half an hour with him purring on my lap as I tried dried him with the towel.


So, I’m happy to say there’ll probably be more days of playing with my pussy in the shower.

Uploaded 08/28/2008
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