I am writing this to give credit to any man who loves big women.  Like to those men that go out there in search for these big ol' girls.  I am not one of those men but I would like to explain my disposition and how I came to it.

I meet this girl through work a few years ago and she showed interest in me and initiated our exchange of numbers and so forth.  At the time didn't care to think much of it because of her size, it simply didn't interest me.  Not only was she big, she was tall, at least half a foot taller than me and I am taking a shot in the dark but maybe around 100 pounds more than me.  I am 5'11" and 290 pounds so I am a big guy myself, but I felt this girl obviously takes the cake from me when it comes to proportions but of course this is hindsight biased.

Well we began to talk non-stop and began building a friendship.  For about a Year and a half she still pursued wanting to know me on more than a friend level.  I always kept it cool and played her off and let her know that I didn't want to take it any further and that she wasn't the one* .  Well that was all good and gravy we still kicked it hard and everything, but one day she popped off at the mouth with a smart comment about fellatio.  I was caught off guard by the comment and felt I would feel less of a man the next day if I didn't literally give this female something to shut her mouth.  Well that happened and It turned out as well as expected for fellatio.  And then it happened again about 4 or 5 more times all on different occasions with no other physical interaction further than her mouth and my penis.  No kissing, no holding hands, etc.  After that we both decided to go back to just friends.

Well  that was all good for about another year or so of just talking here and there..which brings me up to my current situation with her and why I am paying homage.  Now we have begun what appears to be a more of what a steady kind of relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend would have if they were starting off slow or whatever...Holding hands, kissing, making out.  Ok, so here is where there is a wrench thrown in the works.  The first time we begin to make out it just so happened to be I was standing over her as she was sitting on the couch and my back was bent over as we kissed.  Well this was all fine and dandy until I was ready to shift into a more comfortable position.  So I had my right knee bent on the edge of the couch between her thighs and I use that to nudge her into a position where she would be (or at least the biggest portion of her) long ways on the couch and I would basically be ontop.  Well that was a huge failure about a third of her was hanging off the couch and I was still pretty much bent over her.  Frustrated I just called it quits and we ceased anything further.

After that the next week we were hanging out again and once again we began to proceed to make out and this time I was prepared and had made some arrangements among the living room furniture were the ottoman would be close to the couch so we could lay on our sides, half on the couch and the other half on the ottoman (an abnormally  large ottoman on a side note.)  Well just as I had laid the plan it unfolded that way.  Ok, so now we are in comfortable positions and we are kissing and I begin to feel around her body and I was shocked and confused.  I couldn't quite locate her breast and everything seemed to run together.  I couldn't figure out the contour of her body.  After that set back I began thinking...Damn she can't even lay ontop of me.  And If she did she would be smothering me.  And that I couldn't even pick her up or move her around on my own.  After she left that night I did more contemplating on what a real intimate relationship with her would be like.  Things like:  Would we fit in the bed together?  Would she strong arm me every time she wanted a kiss?  Could my furniture withhold all of the stress?

After a little soul searching and solemn thinking, I had to come to the conclusion that she was simply too big for me.  I had to get over the thought of some biased deep seeded in me against big girls because it wasn't there when certain opportunities presented themselves....So here is to every man who loves big girls,  because it takes a bigger man to handle what they have to offer.

On a whole nother note, if you are on the fence about big ol' girls, I do believe they possess some qualities an extremely fit girl may not.  So I wanted to highlight a video detailing of some of those qualities..

*  - one being the female for me at the time, not wifey or any bullshit like that.
Uploaded 09/21/2011
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