Ladies, read and evaluate

Before I begin, I want to point out that I'm not the bragging type. I won't get into how this subject came up... those of you who saw the comments know why I'm doing this. Those of you who didn't, suffice to say the subject came up and I offered to write a blog about the reasons I'm confident that, given the opportunity, I'll leave most any girl who spends a night in my bed begging for more. Well, I was taken up on that offer, so here it is. I'm going to try and write this in a fashion that doesn't sound like bragging, so I'll simply talk about the things that I like to do to girls. Again, please don't take this as me trying to brag, I'm writing this by request.


Ok, for starters, I'm very dominant. VERY dominant. I've learned from experience that even the most strong-willed and seemingly aggressive girls love to be physically dominated, overpowered, controlled, whatever word you'd like to use. Very few girls really like to be the dominant one in the bedroom, and even those ones often very much enjoy being overpowered and forced into the submissive role.


Depending on the girl and the location/situation (spontaneous sex in semi-public places where there's some risk of being caught = very hot) I like to start out with full-body massages, if foreplay is called for. Easy on the oils. They're nice but you don't want to slather them up to the point there they can slip away from you and slide out of restraints, remember, they like to be overpowered and "mastered".


I try to gauge exactly what extremes each girl likes to be brought to... some get a thrill out of being physically overpowered and pinned but freak out at much beyond that... others like to be literally bound, tied down to the bed, made to wear a collar and call me daddy, etc... I try not to go farther than the individual girl really enjoys, but you'd be surprised how many like to be flat out tied down. Something about being helpless and had-your-way-with is apparently a very powerful experience for girls. And I rather enjoy giving it to them. I have a leather collar with matching sets of leather wrist- and ankle-cuffs lined with faux fur. Not handcuffs mind you, just leather bracelet and anklets with rings attached that you can use to tie them to one another or to whatever else. You can get them at (that's not a typo, there's no www.)


Secondly, I enjoy "torturing" girls with various pleasurable things that I can inflict on them while they're tied down and helpless. I use a variety of toys for this, aside from my own hands, tongue, and... other obviously useful body parts. Favorite spots to pay attention to are the nipples and the clit and the g-spot of course, but I also like massaging just about everywhere. The skin itself is very much worth paying attention too, particularly in the protected inner-limb areas like the inner thighs, hips, sides of the stomach and ribs, neck, scalp, etc. Places you wouldn't normally touch in regular non-sexual interaction. Also, for those of you who wonder, the g-spot is located in an area along the top of her insides, about 2-4 inches in depending on the girl, that feels ridged kinda like the roof of your mouth (only squishier, of course). This textured spot itself is NOT her g-spot, but it should be inside that area somewhere (if she has one... I've read some reports that claim not all girls even have one... but either way, I've yet to encounter a girl who didn't thoroughly enjoy having some attention paid to that area).


Toys I like to use include a small but powerful clit vibrator I like to call the Silver Bullet thanks to it's chrome-like appearance. These come with many various sex-toys, I'm sure many of you ladies have probably seen, or even own, exactly what I'm referring to. Mine came with my cockring, but is more effective used directly and is thankfully removable, so that's what I did. And since I brought it up, yes, I have a cockring. If you don't know what those do, they constrict the flow of blood leading back out of Mr. Happy and into your body, effectively engorging you more than normal and making you thicker, harder, veins stick out, etc. They also help hold you off from orgasm, making you last longer.


Aside from that, I have a back-massager I also like to use on girls while they're tied up and helpless. It's bigger and stronger than the silver bullet. I actually like to use the silver bullet in tandem with some form of penetration or another. Then there's a leather riding crop that I use to tap-tap-tap a girl's clit. Keep in mind that over-using one type of clitoral stimulation, particularly vibrators, will either make her become oversensitive or numb. Both of those are bad things, so you gotta vary it up.


Next comes the glass dildo. I highly recommend these. Why glass? LOTS of reasons. First of all, they're non-porous and easily cleaned without retaining any funky odor or stickiness. Second of all, they lack the uncomfortable seams and creases sometimes encountered on their cheaper plastic counterparts. But best of all, you can alter their temperature. Get a bowl of ice water and a bowl of hot water (very hot... not scalding, but you want it to be hot enough to shock her). Leave the glass dildo in one or the other while you're doing other things to her, and then break it out on her once in a while. This is especially effective if she's blindfolded. Oh, and sometimes I put laundry pins on their nipples just to keep some constant nipple stimulation going while I'm busy down south.


That about sums it up. Again, while I'm certainly confident about the things I can do to a girl in bed ("play their body like a fiddle" I like to say) this was not meant to be a bragging blog. I was called out to back up a claim, and so I am. Ladies, feel free to dole out the harshness, judge the things I've described here, tell me I'm full of shit or tell me I really know what I'm talking about. Please don't ask me for my phone number or address, I'm with someone at the moment. Sorry. Feel free to show this to your boyfriend if you really like it.


I am Kaustic, and I know a thing or two.

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