Lady Gaga is to art what Paris Hilton is to feminism.

The egalitarian movement was a daydream. Such brief lip service to wishes of vengeance. There is no equality. There is a see-saw. ------------------ Where feminism is concerned, we live in a time, where women (apparently empowered) aspire to be models and wealthy wives of leisure. they use cosmetic surgery to increase their self-worth and have taken over the reins of sexual objectification. -------------------- Even on Ebaum's World, a steady stream of girls may be found taking photograph's of themselves in lingerie, in the bathroom mirror. The image of promiscuity has never been so fashionable. ------------------------- The female stereotypes of this age are gross misinterpretations of feminism. Media presents either the career woman with meek house-husband or the sex siren cliche' (Sorry about the cliche'. I usually avoid cliche's like the plague) and the mainstream reflects this in kind. ------------------- The women that led liberation in the 1960's and 1970's would be so ashamed to see the women of today aspiring more to Pole Dancing instructors than captains of industry and I as a man grow tired of women that are nought but two-dimensional sex appeal. We are in the time of the anti-feminist. ------------------- .."In fact, I feel like a slave released from a plantation after the American Civil war who struggles to adjust to freedom only to see my fellow slaves creep back into servitude. One by one they go back to what they know because it's easier and all the while claiming that it is not about greed or fear but the right to choose".. Karen Murphy81912980.jpg
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