Last Night

Last night I wrote a blog and read some of the feed back. One of you told me to go to the bottom where you can contact ebaumsworld. Well I already did that, twice. I just wrote the second rounds of e-mails, I sent one to General, and so far it's been 48 hours since the first e-mail sent and nothing.


To be honest that's not even the real problem anymore.  It seems like after I asked people to stop some gizmo or gizbo guy sent me a private message saying "ebaumsworld will kill me, better logg off" I don't know what that's even supposed to mean. I create an account on here, and I get 20 messages and wall messages full of hate, how do I now know you people arent serious?? You all seem pretty crazy to me. I just want the hate messages to stop, Stop threatening to kill me. Stop saying ebaumsworld is going to get me, STOP LEAVING ME WALL COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE.

Just leave me the hell alone.


One more death threat I'm telling my parents. Yeah that sounds bad but what else am I supposed to do? I'm only 15 years old....



Uploaded 10/12/2008
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