Last Nights ACID Trip

This is by the far the craziest night and morning of my life.


Last night me and my buddy David ate some acid.  We were driving down the road just hangin out about two hours after we had eaten the acid.  As I was driving, my buddy David says "Holy shit! Did you see that fucking gremlin!"  Thinking he was kidding, I told him to "Shut up" and kept driving.  He was arguing with me for about a minute when I decided to turn around to show him there was no gremlin on the side of the road.  

As I was driving back I made a U-turn at the light and what do you know.....There is what looks like a fucking gremlin standing right there on the sidewalk, so we stop and ask it if it wants to come with us, so it hopped into the back seat of my Honda Accord.  As we were driving we forgot that it was back there until we heard a voice talking to us about an hour later saying "I'm hungry."  At this point we were freaking out and we didn't want to get the gremlin mad so we went through the nearest fast food restaurant which was a McDonalds and bought about 15 plain cheeseburgers and started unwrapping them and just throwing them in the back seat of my car.  After about the 30 minutes the talking stopped and we decided to spend the rest of the night at home with the gremlin.

We drove back to my buddy David's house and we all walked into the house together.  Me and David went into his theater and blasted music and watched TV for the entire night while the gremlin stayed in his living room.  When we came out about 7 hours later at like 9 in the morning, the gremlin was gone and we were laughing because we realized that it was all just a crazy acid trip.  

We were laughing for a few minutes when we heard a noise come from the kitchen.  When we walked into the kitchen, we saw a little black girl who looked about 8 years old going through the fridge looking for breakfast.  She looked up at us and asked us when we were going to take her home.  

We started freaking out and put her back in the car and drove to the same spot that we picked her up from, and dropped her off and left.

We have never heard any reports of a stolen child so far so hopefully she didn't say anything about it to her parents if she has any.


By the way, if you are on Acid and you think you see a Gremlin on the side of the road, don't pick it up because Gremlins aren't fuckin real!!

Uploaded 07/26/2008
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