Late Night Blogging

Well, it's pretty late right now..erhm 12:05, and I'm pretty bored. So what do I do? Write a blog of course! Who hasn't, right? Just saw this movie, called the Savages. It was pretty good, about a brother and sister taking care of a neglectful father who has, in his old age, been diagnosed with dementia. Hey, does anyone's laptop's internet ALWAYS fail them at the worst moment? I mean, mine can go for a couple boring days without so much as a flicker, but when something important happens, I better not look down at the "full strength" symbol. Because when I do <Kablooey> It. Always. Dies. Hey, on another completely random topic, does anyone here have a Blackjack 2 (the phone)? I was thinking of getting one (cuz they pwn), and I was wondering if anyone had some feeback for me. Anyone? Well, thats okay. I'm sure somebody will. *Yawn* Does anyone else have a problem with sleeping? Ok, I know that you will have a harder time if you stay up late (check) looking at your bright computer screen (check) because it gets your eyes out-of-synch or whatever (thank you maggie). But even when I try and go to bed without being on the computer all day, I still can't get to sleep. *Yawn* I don't know. I guess I think too much. I can never completely stop thinking about something. It just doesn't happen. Well, I think I'm all blogged out. Thanks for reading an insomniacs bored ramblings. Goodnight Guys/Gals.

Uploaded 07/30/2008
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Tags: oooo soooo tired