Lately on this site, every single time I log on, there has always been a  group of 6 to 12 dumbasses dominating the comment sections with their extremely irritating bullshit. It seems to me that all these fuckwads do is troll around all the latest featured media and drop their flaming shit so regular users might see them and say to themselves "Wow, that person is such a cunt for saying that, I'm going to reply and tell them that they are fags." This is what they want you to do. They want to make you so pissed off that you give them a response that points out their falure. If you have done that recently, you just lost to the troll. Trying to argue with them is their main goal, and you fell right into the trap. On another note, isn't this the reason why we have moderators? To stop the average fat ass twelve year old from slinging steaming piles of shit on this website becasue they are made fun of at school? The mods really need to get their shit together because eBaums has recently been attacked by a bunch of dicks, twats, and 39 year old men with cleavaged avatars.

Uploaded 12/19/2008
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