laxman12 is confused.

This person laxman12 doesn’t know if they are a girl or a boy.


I wish I had a copy of all the messages that laxman12 has sent me so I could show everyone.

laxman12 first said to me that I should suck on his pussy. Now I ask you readers, if you’re a guy, would you ever say something like that??? I’m sure the majority would agree with me and say NO. Makes you sound either gay or like you’re a girl. So anyway, after receiving this message from laxman12 I decided to start calling that person a girl. She can’t understand simple messages. I call her a girl and all she can reply with is “really Eddie, really?” and then add a whole bunch of profanity.


Every single message she sends me is with the same thing. Saying stuff about me shoving something up my but, or going to go screw something else.

Now I replied to her “I bet the only reason you always think about sex is because you never get any” and this is what the little girl replied. “I can't read? Wow, really eddie? Really? Name an instance you dumbshit. Obviously you can't tell the difference between a cock and a vagina, because you keep fuckin the cock.”


So see, she can’t read, I had said she only thought about sex because she didn’t get any, and she replies about me screwing something.


Anyway, I replied to that with “lol, just now is a great example, I wrote about one thing, and you can’t read it, or at least you don’t understand it little girl, because you reply about a whole different subject. lol, didn’t know you where so stupid, LOL


Now I will have to wait for her reply, I always get a good laugh at her messages, because she doesn’t know what she is talking about, she is so confused about being a boy or a girl that she is mad at the whole world, lol.



The funnies part to me is the other conversation I have had with her. She doesn’t understand that an email is the same thing as a message. If I send you any type of electronic message that you don’t read instantly and it goes to an inbox where it waits for you to open it and read it, it is considered an email. Definition of an email is “–noun 1. a system for sending messages from one individual to another via telecommunications links between computers or terminals. “And second

–verb (used with object)

2. To send a message to by e-mail.


Just because ebaum’s world says at the bottom “send message” that doesn’t make it an IM service, its still considered an e-mail if you look at the components.


Ill post more of the conversation later as it develops, should keep making me laugh for a few more weeks.


New Update 6/16/08


and it continues.


here is what she wrote"


"Wow you are a fucking retard. "No you", yeah are you a fucking kid? Wow you're gay. You can't even remember what you are talking about you hypocrite. I guess sucking all of those cocks have caused brain damage"


and here is my reply:


"It’s funny that you think it was me, because you’re the gay one that said you wanted me to suck your pussy. That’s why I started calling you a girl, because only girls have a pussy.

I really do feel bad for you because you’re so confused all you can do now is scream and use that language of yours. You messed up and now you are trying everything you can think of to make it seam like someone else wrote that, lol. Oh man, all my friends love your messages. I still get a good kick out of it because you’re so stupid."


there is a retard in here, i wonder who it is? lol


NEW UPDATE 6/17/08


she said:

"AND YOU STILL CAN"T COME UP WITH IT. Because you are a fucking moron. There was no example you dumb piece of shit. If you want an example, and you actually think there is one, YOU find it, because you've lost, you suck at life, you have been beaten by a "girl", how does that make you feel?"


i replied:

"the message was the example, like i said you cant even read.

oh, lol and im glad you finaly admited your a girl. LOL

i knew it all along mrs."



NEW UPDATE 6/18/08


she said:

"Uh no. And see you try to get past the real point of this message, and it doesn't work. See you truly are an idiot. You can't come up with anyother argument, so you try to hide the fact that you have the IQ of a fish"



i reply:

"I’m not trying to get past anything; I’m just letting you know the facts. You reply to every message I sent, making you as much of a little girl as I am a little kid, lol.

Oh fish are incredibly smart then, didn’t know they had such a high IQ to be able to read and type replies.

See now, if you would have said something like, you have a low IQ, that would have sounded a lot smarter then saying "you try to hide the fact that you have the IQ of a fish"

Since that’s not possible, that statement is stupid, because it’s no where near believable, and therefore making you stupid

ouch, looks like someone just got owned by "a little kid with the IQ of a fish again."

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