Leagalize drugs now

For the record I am not some wastoid stoner. I did try pot a couple times years ago. I have to say I didn't see what all the fuss was about. So my motivation here is practical not personal.

I really do think that it is time to legalize some drugs. The resources wasted on policing and incarcerating drug users and distributors is appalling and pointless. At the very least pot should be legalized. I have known to many people who are occasional pot smokers who were  otherwise law abiding, hard working, tax paying members of society. To say that this activity is something that society cannot abide is just stupid.

It would have to be regulated in much the same way as alcohol. Obviously we don't want ten year olds blazing up at recess. Also some drugs like PCP, crack cocaine and other highly addictive drugs would be handled differently. Prescription drug regulations wouldn't change either. So there would still be people for the cops to harass. I'm sure some of you know people for whom drugs was a downward spiral to self destruction. And react very negatively to this idea.  But remember that drugs being illegal didn't stop them.  How did the legal and social stigma of illegality help them?

Will some people try drugs who otherwise would not have. probably. So what, maybe they will drink less. Alcohol seems to be far more destructive then pot smoking (or brownies, if you prefer). The bottom line is the current policy towards drug use is expensive and ends up destroying more futures then the drugs themselves. Lets do something that promises a better long term result.


Uploaded 05/02/2010
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