Learn the driving game!

I come from south eastern pa.  through my 7 years of driving i have learned one major thing.  people don't know how the fuck to drive.  so let me set down the simple rules for all of you.

1.  The left lane is called the passing/fast lane for a reason.  if you're in it you should be going 5 miles per hour over the speed limit at least.  this means if you drive slower than the posted limit, get into the right lane.

2.  People who cut off trucks.  you're all idiots.  that truck weighs a couple of tons, and doesn't stop on a dime.  if it hits you you're probably dead.  while it would thin out the stupidity from the human gene pool, i'd rather not get stuck in a traffic jam cause you fucked up.

3.  if you get to a stop sign it's first come first serve.  if you were there last don't try and go, it makes you out to be a douchebag.

4. never fuck with a jersey driver.  they are the worst drivers on the road you will ever meet.  why else do you think their insurance rates are the highest in the nation?

5.  turn off your blinkers after you make your turn.  it's annoying and makes me want to ram your car with my pick up truck.

6.  if the light is red stop.  don't try to squeeze in that turn.  if i have a green light and you blew the red i will hit you, and the aw will be on my side.

7.  old people need to stay off the road.  if you can't see over the steering wheel, or can't remember your childrens name it's time to give up driving.  it's a privilege, not a right!

that's all for now.  if anyone has any suggestions for other rules just leave them in the comments area and i'll update the list!
Uploaded 02/06/2011
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