Good day people!

so i guess the loser pricks are staying a little longer than expected, which is fine go ahead no one really likes yall though so don't expect for any of us to treat you with a warm welcome because yall sure didn't when i joined.

Anyways all this fast food and microwavable dinners are kicking my stomachs ass but shit home cooked food aint so great either, really the only home cooked food i like is spaghetti or pancakes cause my grandma cooking inst as  good as it used to be, any body got any unique good home cook recipes you liked to give me cause im tired of the same ole same ole, plus i might turn in to the hulk from all that damn radiation Mexican dinners i have been eating.

On a different note has anyone seen transformers 3, great movie great movie, i have watched at least 20 movies in  past two weeks, mostly older movies, and i have to say i never realized how much important stuff i missed from the movies when i was a kid, it was like i was watching new movies i had never seen before and all the jokes i never caught cause i didnt know shit, I just liked the explosions and gunfights.

I know my blogs suck or probable interesting, but it is a work in progress cause im out school now and need something to pass the time, and I love this website and would like to contribute something too it and help flush out the shit that has been making this place stink for awhile now, and you know who you are! 
Uploaded 07/14/2011
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