Leaving On A Jet Plane Pt. 4

Well weddings sucks.

They suck the big one.

You have to be around people that you want to spray down with a fire extinguisher and then hit over the head with.

You go without the confort of control that everyone needs and deserves.

The fact that know body around you is even remotely interesting or cool makes me want to jump off the balcony while saying "Damion this is for you!"

I have met two people (new people that I did not previously know) that were nice, funny, and actually caring.  I have wanted to scream at the top of my lungs before locking everyone inside the building and pulling a "Carrie"

Like I told ugdork I am going home tommorow, and am more than ready to be in my own bed, eating when I want too, with my pooch.

Fuck weddings, if I ever get married I am eloping.

I will write another series of blogs about the eloping process and all the dirty things that happened on the wedding night.  You know bondage, whips, masks, oils, threesomes...meh maybe even a donkey or a goat.

I will post another blog when I get back home tommorow since the hotel charges like $2,000 for one day of fucking internet service.

~AW Smith

Uploaded 12/20/2008
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