Left Right and reason

One of the biggest problems I see in politics is the expectation of perfect solutions. Everyone wants to rip the other side by pointing out what is wrong with their solutions. The fact is in almost any situation some one is going to end up worse off even if most benefit. Sounds harsh, but thats reality. Short term  "suffering" may be necessary in order for long term stability.


This is not to say we should give up on the Idealistic concept of perfection. Striving for perfection is the catalist for constant improvement. But there are points in time that demand that decisions are made, a direction taken. We have to be willing and able to make the tough decisions, and make the best available choice. We simply can't afford to wring our hands over the down side of the best choice for the long term health of the nation or state.


We need to start focusing on the big picture, the long term, the end game. Otherwise we will all end up as big losers. And we may never have a shot at a win again.



Uploaded 02/27/2011
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