Legal Theft

Today, being bored, I decided to play an online game I hadn't played in a few months.  I'm not going to say what game it was, but I will say it wasn't World of Warcraft (I fucking hate that game and most of the people who play it).  I logged in, and found a notice that my account had been banned for cheating on the games they offered.

This was silly.  I know for a fact that I didn't cheat.  I also know that the last time I successfully logged into my account,  I didn't play any of the games... in this text based rpg, I went off to do other things like buy virtual items with points I had purchased for real money.

The reason for banning... they didn't say... I got:  " Our police cannot reveal why you were banned.  Please contact us by clicking here for more information." 
It then went on to tell me that I was welcome to start a new account if I agreed to follow the rules.  On the side it said that I was banned for cheating on the flash games.  Obviously they had made a mistake.

So I contacted them.  Not only did I inform them of the mistake, and how I wouldn't risk real investments by attempting to break the rules, which I knew by years of playing and purchasing, that would result in the banning of my account... I informed them that I wasn't going to be making any new accounts, and especially was not about to make any additional risky purchases.
Seeing as a mistake has been made already, and I will have to somehow prove my case in order to retrieve my, at this point, rather expensive purchases...   I know, and agreed that they are not obligated to inform me of any reasons, and that they have the right to ban me from using their website... but that doesn't make wrongfully banning me right. 

I guess this is another example of buyer beware.  I'm more than likely to all together lose my account, and all of the purchases that went with it.   I wonder how many other people that have had that happen to them, and how much money these large corporations ( and let me assure you... this a huge one) rightfully made without providing said services or products.

Uploaded 11/14/2010
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