Legalise E!

I know a lot of pot heads would like marijuana to be legal, because alcohol is legal and it has similar effects. As much retarded as this sounds, there's actually people who try to push this and there's even some presidential candidates that whore for voters by promising the legalisation of marijuana. I'm amazed that they get the attention, but nobody has proposed to legalise MDMA, popularly known as E.

E is probably the best drug ever invented and is very safe. It's effects are even cooler than alcohol's but that's not all. MDMA actually helps a lot of stuff. What does it do?

First of all, E is great for losing weight. It helps you lower your appetite. Have you ever seen a chubby E dealer at a rave? I sure haven't.

Another cool effect is E raises your body temperature. I advise you to keep some tablets in your pockets during winter. When you're coming back home from work or school and you have to walk and it turns out it's cold as hell - taking a nice E tablet will help you not catch a cold.

You think that's it? Wrong. Taking MDMA is known for affecting your sense of empathy. I know not many of you are scientists, so I'll explain. Empathy is how you react towards others. Basically, taking E means you're nicer to people.

E was one of the best serving drugs in psychotherapy during the 1970s. Why was it forbidden? Probably because it's too awesome. They did the same with alcohol during the prohibition. It's absurd people get arrested for selling MDMA. Perhaps there's gonna be a reasonable candidate that decides to legalise it and other countries would follow his example.

Uploaded 06/04/2012
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