Legalize E?

Legalize E, lovely another brilliant idea. Legalize a class A drug as a winter supplement to warm your cockles. MDMA is not very safe by any way shape or form. That very warm feeling you would get in your winter spelunking is hyperthermia, your core body temperature would rise too dramatically and shuts down your major organs when your body reaches 45 degrees you dont get warm and fuzzy, you get dead.  Oh, yes I can see someone thinking right now, well duh, drink a lot of water dude well that would move us on the next major killer  in users of MDMA, Hypernatremia, which is low blood sodium levels as a result of drinking too much water a by-product of getting too hot from dropping  your winter pills.



  There are indeed other short term effects of course which could be potentially damaging such as increased heart rate and blood pressure. Blurred vision, as of course if it is legalized, you may well be able to drug and drive, if you are on a trip are you actually able to drive a vehicle even if this is regulated, people drink drive which is already a problem, people readily popping pills and getting behind the wheel would make things worse.


  Even if you did legalize the use of E in your native control, it would still be illegal in every other country, it would be a jurisdictional nightmare, tourists happily carrying their drugs out of the country only to be arrested and locked up for smuggling and if they went to Thailand they could find themselves on death row, depending on how much they were carrying. Also, if you legalized one class A drug, you would soon have pressure to legalize all others, why do you think cannabis is not fully legal. As if you make one legal soon you will have to make them all legal. Yes, drugs can be fun on a party scene, but they have serious effects on health and social degradation.  


A Legal E would have to be heavily regulated and massed produced in a controlled environment.  Do you think all these drug lords in countries where it is still and illegal drug would allow western corporations to march in and say you fellows have done a damn fine job we will take it from here. No they will not they will continue, there will still be vice and greed and crime, and of course if you did not want the government regulated E, there would still be demand for the illegal kind. The idea of a legal class A drug is ludicrous in the extreme.

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