Legalize Ganja

Do you believe that ganja (marijuana) should be legalized, if so toke a bowl.  If you do not, explain yourself; there is no wrong in expressing your beliefs as long as they are reasonable.  Some people believe that ganja is an herb given by god to help people realize the position their life is in.  Others believe that it’s a plant of the devils garden.  Does god make mistakes?  Should a government be the dictators of what citizens ingest in their bodies or should it be a decision of the individual?  Does it help that the majority population to keep ganja illegal?  If ganja was legalized, would everyone walk around stoned, or would there be those who fallow their personal beliefs and education, choosing not to smoke.  If those individuals can decide against ganja, then can they not decide against all other drugs?  Half the fun of doing a drug is the fact that it is illegal.  Why not take the fun away of those who abuse drugs, not to mention the power of organize crime.  I personally enjoy ganja on a daily bases, and keep a 3.7 GPA in college.  I’m an individual who can decide for myself, cant others? 



Uploaded 09/11/2008
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