Leonardo Di Caprio, The Troll Actor

The fact that Leo Di Caprio loves to pull pranks on people is no news. Some of his earliest jokes he pulled on the set with Kate Winslet, and he enjoys pulling creative pranks on his friends whenever possible. Jack Nicholson knows something about it. Leo dressed up as a doctor and went for a rectal exam when Jack Nicholson was in a hospital, for example. But pushing the limits is one of Leo's trademarks.

Recently Leo decided to prank his friend Tom Zipper. It took him weeks to set up his plan. He's spent 5 million dollars on the prank and it was obviously worth it. His original plan was to travel 40 years back in time and to sleep with Zipper's mom when she was still in high school. The 5 million dollar time machine failed though and Leo went back in time to year 1902. He wouldn't be himself if he didn't prank Zipper in one way or another before he took the time machine back to year 2012. He found his friend's great grandmother, seduced her and they've spent a passionate night together. The plan went even better than expected, as it turned out 9 months later.


Uploaded 06/25/2012
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