Leroy and Jasper in the Army.

Leroy and Jasper were Privates in the Army who just got promoted to Sergeant one day.

Later on they went out for a walk and walked past the NCO club (A club intended for Sergeants and above in the Army) Leroy said, “Hay, lets go in there.”

Jasper said, “We can’t. We are only Privates.”

Leroy reminded him, “No, we’re Sgt’s now.”

Jasper said, “Oh yeah. That is right.”

So they went into the club.

After they were drinking for a while at the bar, a whore came to Leroy and said, “Hay baby, want to party with me?”

He said, “Oh yeah!”

She warned him first, “I must tell you though, I have the clap.”

He said to Jasper, “Hay, go look up the clap in the dictionary and if it is OK, give me thumbs up. If not, give me thumbs down.”

Jasper hurried up and went to look up the clap.

He came back and gave Leroy thumbs up.

So Leroy went and got it on with this whore.

A month later he was in the hospital with the clap.

When Jasper came to the hospital to visit him, he asked him, “If you knew the clap was going to be this bad, why did you give me thumbs up?”

Jasper said, “Well, in the dictionary it said, the clap affects only the Privates. We’re Sergeants now!”


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