Less teeth this holiday.Blue please read..*Updated*

I just read Blues blog about how he is going to fill that chick with his blue goo..Well all i have to say to that is Please for the love of the BBQ make sure she is over 18 first man!!!

I saw her picture and i have to say that she looks Young. and by Young i mean under legal limit of bonability....I am not insulting her by no means. I am watching out for you blue. I dont care if sex was just theory up until recently to ya. Make sure its over 18 before you insert what most likely kept you single.Thats your weiner ....Lol ok ....ahem..jk

Ok also Please do not get It pregnant. Please please please.I dont ask for much from you except the occasional funny comment( wich has been lacking recently) and insult that make me lol.But please consider what kind of animal would be made as a result of you having sex with an actual human.....Would it be accepted by your village? Would it be able to walk the streets without making people sick.No i submit it would not. You should just admit that this is a cruel joke . Its almost christmas man and we dont need to be worrying about some homely little half living child shut in....Please wear a condom if you can find one small enough blue.

Please consider this advice from a friend. A friend who doesnt think you should have kids.

AND CHECK HER AGE!!! You can cutt her and count the rings.Its true.

Much love and little respect Your friend


Matt the leader of zombies...



Ok blue just watching out for ya. I dont care about your penis size man or if she gets off. So that is that. Also Am i old enough to get an erection? Well I will have you know that not only can i get an erection but i have had one for the last five hours. As for pull, what the fuck man? kinda gay telling me what masterbation is after infering im too young to get aroused.Thats the kind of comment that makes people think you are a little frilly.and by frilly i mean you have sex with men.Lol jk i have a bad sence of humor .again make sure its over 18 . an instant message where she says she is over 18 doesnt count. ask for some I.D....You can allways fall back on rape.....Haumight dont be offended But Its the law........Much respect to an actual female blogger who hasnt mention her period yet...


Matt the leader of the zombies, Omg they are escaping I must get head shot crazed.Brb

Matt again *update again* pedo bear made a point that wasnt me weiner like i had thought i was sitting on my leg... I was wondering why it felt smaller thanks!!!

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