Lesser of two evils better known as Heads or Tails...........

What has happened to this country that all we are offered to vote for is an old man and a person who every time you put heat on him he pulls that race card out so fast that you would think he was charging gas. There was a time when these politicians were thought of at least having "some" morals. Was it Bill Clinton who did this? I keep thinking back about the politicians in my lifetime and well the most honest person I can remember was Jimmy Carter and if you didnt live during his administration, say a little prayer of thanks because we all held our breath and wondered if the next day if we were going to find gasoline and if we did find it could we afford it. We can never get the truth and it is just amazing to me that we keep taking it. I hear John McCain has never voted for an earmark, sounds great right? What we do not know is that by the mere fact of him not voting is the same as allowing it to go through because that is the play on words, if you look he didnt vote at all sometimes. To me that is not the same thing as voting NO. The latest thing I hear on Obama is his donations, Ali Baba or whatever is his name donated 10.00 30 days in a row, are we to believe they think we are so stupid? Well yes because he is getting away with it and even if he gives the money back it wont matter because by then he will have saturated the market with his "message" and all because by some lax interpretation of election laws it is just legal enough, so try and prove Ali Baba is not a real person when the law says anything under 200.00 you do not have to report names. I think we should give them all 1000.00 and 10 commercials and tell them to get elected.


Next we have Palin who overstepped her power. If this guy did "taser" his 11 year old son for that reason alone he should have been relieved of his duties and then taken out back and tasered. We seem to lack common sense so often, we have the laws, just enforce them. It is just like immigration laws, we dont need New laws we just need to enforce the ones we have. Next we have Biden who is just so far out in left field I just dont know where to start or maybe I dont want to start because if he would have got the nomination I would be voting for him. He didnt, so just like the last five Vice-Presidents quick name them, I didnt think so but he will go by the wayside.


I know those of you who have read my blogs about politics know where I stand and I do just that! Obama has questions about the company he keeps and McCain needs to find a platform and stick to it. I wonder why we never get the truth and then if we do how would we know? This election is more about "Lesser of two evils" than any I can remember in some time. The last time I voted for the lesser of two evils was Regan/Carter and thank God we did alright with that one but even then it did not feel right as we went into that booth. Will we get lucky again? I guess we shall see, look for me in the booth I will be the one dropping his coin on the ground Heads or Tails God I hope we win.


This is my last political blog (stop clapping) because well I am tired of going round and round and NOBODY is changing anyone's mind.

Thank you once again for reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/12/2008
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