let me know if this is a good idea.

OK let me know if this happened to you. 


Ok, I was sitting at home the other day, enjoying my time off of work. when flipping through the channels i saw an infomercial. it was for a product called the Little Giant latter system. its basically this latter that can become like 15 different sizes and shapes and shit. well, being in need of a multiple sizes of latters, i though that this would be a great product, because i don't have alot of room to store it. so i order this son of a bitch for $250 fucking dollars thinking its gonna solve all my latter problems.

when i got it, i opened the box and was amazed that something can be so shitily made. i think this hunk of shit was put together with spare volkswagon part. so that was the first thing that pissed me off. next it seriously takes two fucking people to carry this pile of cock shit, it weighs about 120 pounds, and don't even ask how to fucking set the thing up. i looked through the instructions a hundered  times, and i still can't fucking put it in more than 2 positions. (kinda like my wife!)

 so i sent it back, it cost me 60 fucking dollars to ship it back. then i had to sit on the phone talking to some fucking asshole (whose race will not be specified) why i want to send it back. then this fucking towel head insults me by saying " your probably just doing it wrong, try working with it a little longer." Like i'm fucking stupid! he wanted me to fuck with this thing for another week so the 30 day cash back offer would be up, and then i would be stuck with this satanic tool for the devil. long story short i finally got my money back but they never paid the shipping. so i was out 60 bucks.

Ok, now for the good news.

Being an avid fisherman, i am always willing to try new lures and baits and shit. so my birthday was coming up, my wife decides to buy me...... something from an infomercial! she orders me the Banjo Minnow Lure System. now i have seen this thing many times and i have always thought it was a fucking joke. i mean if you have ever seen it they make it look so fucking incredible, the fish bite it every time, but i know they starve the fish in a tank for like a week, then they film the fucking thing eating the lure, but at this point you could put a cigarette butt on a hook and they would fucking take it.

anyway, i open this thing up and was thinking "awww shit what a waste of fucking money." but i plastered on a fake smile and told the bitch i love it. so we went out fishing the next day and what does my wife say "why don't you try the lures i got you?" so again i put on another fake smile and rigged it up. 

my friends i shit you not... my first cast i caught a 4 pound rainbow trout. i almost creamed my pants. i was so fucking stoked. then i cast it out again, and sure as shit comes out your asshole, i caught a 3 pounder!!!! i caught my limit in 30 minutes. i called the company that night and told them what happened they said send us pictures and we will send you replacement hooks and eye weights.( and they didn't have an accent.) best gift i ever got.

so i told you these storys becasue this is my idea. i wanna start a website dedicated to debunking infomercials. buy a bunch of products and see if they work. video tape them working (or not) and post it on the site. because i know theres some out there that are truly genuine and good. but most are crap. so what do you think? should i do it or not?

write me about your infomerical horror stories, and let me know what products you would like to be investigated. 

 thanks for your time folks. hope i didn't bore you to much.

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