Let The Trolling Begin





                      Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the very first entry of Trolling With Rectumzilla!




                              So what exactly is it that one does when they troll with me? Well that isn't the easiest of questions to answer. First of all I am in what some would call the "mild revenge" business. What is the mild revenge business one might ask themselves? Well lets say that a customer of mine has a friend who has ticked them off or pulled a practical joke recently. What you would do is send me a story detailing the embarrasing situation and then I will post the original question as well as my response (naturally I will not use your real name and all of that lovely jazz / Also just because I give you this idea means that in no way am I liable if you take said advice and get arrested so don't even try it.) to the funniest story.


                       Assuming I actually get people who write in I will try to get one of these posted per week. Now that that's out of the way, I will warn you all that I will have to rant about a wide variety of things, it's what I do.


                       Finally this is just something fun for me to do in my free time, I am a professional person after all and that being said I hope that a great many of you will find laughs in the pages of my blog.






Uploaded 10/11/2010
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