Let us see what they are up to......

Just like a tree our supreme court leans as the party blows so let us see what they will be looking at.....


I talked in an earlier blog about the State -vs- Federal and who has the final say about gun ownership laws.

Life without paroll for kids under the age of 18.....damn glad I am not ruling on this one, we already get judged around the world for even jailing kids under 16 in the Big Boy jail.   mmm Big Boy with fries sorry I didnt eat tonight.

Now this next one I like   Prosecutorial Liabillity......sounds fun dont it? What we have here is two prosecuters who fabricated eveidence and got a guilty conviction on two innocent men who are now sueing the corrupt bastards say they are immune from prosecution. Sad part about this one is they are probably right but we need to change that shit NOW. I sat on a Grand Jury in Warren County one summer, every friday from 8 til we were done hearing cases and it just amamzed me how nobody cared about innocent or guilty but rather if they could win. Maybe if procecuting attorney wasnt a stepping stone to another political office they would try to find out. Just my opinion!


OK the last one here because learning is not fun...Sports fans the NFL wants to find out if they can control all sales of hats, shirts, and underwear without breaking anti-trust laws. Hey ANYBODY heard about price fixing?

This blog brought to you by the NFL becuase I am wearing my Bengals sweatshirt which I only paid 15.00 for.(covering my ass because of the fcc)


Thanks for reading Bohank

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