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 It appears the Kony 2012 movement is supportive of a government that massacres Muslims. Hmmm, I wonder if this bullshit is coming from evangelicals who want to see the end of the earth, so their special brand of people are the only remaining people? It's what they actually believe, so I don't consider it far fetched.  They do wield incredible political power. Even Bush would call up their leaders for advice.  Is this why we see the psychopath Rick Satantorium making head way for the nomination?

 Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Uganda is a country led by people who have fought wars, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni boastfully said at a press conference late last year. He should have added that millions of innocent lives have starved and died as a result of his violent behavior.

And yet, the victims of his violence cannot easily be played down as collateral damage. Reliable reports suggest that helpless civilians have often been slaughtered in the most horrific, wicked and persistent manners at the orders or under the watch of Gen. Museveni.

Following the fall of President Amin in 1979, Museveni allegedly ordered the massacre of 64 Muslim civilians in Bushenyi District. Makerere University Professor Abasi Kiyimba led an investigation into the massacre and compiled his findings in Muslim Bloodbath: A Review of the Genocide that was Called Liberation.

On the morning of Tuesday 26th June, 1979, writes Abasi, a mob of Christians armed with spears, knives and ropes, started rounding up Muslims and tying their hands behind their backs. They said that they were doing it on the orders of Yoweri Museveni the then minister of defence.

Prof. Abasis report goes on to document the brutality with which alleged Musevenis men slaughtered helpless villagers:

They gathered the Muslims in the home of Abdallah Segululigmba from where they marched them to Rwizi river to be executed one after the other. At the river Muslims were butchered in the most horrifying manner. There was one whose head was cut into three pieces before being finally thrown into the river. Other cases included those whose hands or legs were cut off, then thrown into the river to drown. The Imam Abdallah Segululigamba was mercilessly hacked in the middle with a machete and thrown into the river. 
The most memorable of these cases of cruelty is the 27 year old Madiya Natende who was seven months pregnant. Her stomach was slashed open with a machete and the fetus crudely ripped out.

The operation did not stop at killing civilians in the described manner. Over 400 Muslims were detained without trial and forced to ransom themselves by paying dearly in form of money, cows, goats, sheep, bicycles, radios and other items while many others were forced to flee their homes and live as refugees in their own country. Three decades after the tragedy, they have never returned home and they have never seen any compensation.

The operation that also left mosques burnt, Muslim land seized and banana plantations slashed was, according to investigators, executed in a planned, systematic and methodical manner and targeted Muslims as such a collection of characteristics typical of genocide.
Three years after allegedly masterminding the massacre, Museveni embarked on a five-year insurgence that propelled him to power at the expense of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

Having miserably lost the 1980 general elections, Museveni claimed that he had been robbed of victory and resorted to violence to seize power. While the election was blatantly stolen, it was not stolen from Museveni who was by then an insignificant player in the countrys elective politics.

The insurgence he launched in the Luwero Triangle caused as much deaths as Joseph Konys LRA rebellion in northern Uganda. Museveni blames the then UPC government for most of the killings but he has ignored UPCs repeated calls for an investigation.

Regardless of who massacred most, the fact that Museveni used violence as a method of seizing power demonstrates how he disregards human life.

Musevenis disregard for human life became even clearer after seizing power. In 1989, his NRA forces locked 79 people in train wagons and burnt them to death at Mukura, Soroti District.

Six years later, following the outbreak of the ADF rebellion in 1996, Museveni unleashed a campaign of terror against the countrys Muslim population, a campaign in which countless have been summarily executed and hundreds, if not thousands, tortured in incommunicado detention centers known as safe houses. This campaign, according to a recent Human Rights Watch report, is ongoing.

In Open Secret: Illegal Detention and Torture by the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force in Uganda (2009), Human Rights Watch documents over a hundred cases in which Muslims were subjected to untold pain. One case may suffice here:

JATT arrested Saidi Lutaaya around November 22, 2007, from the Old Taxi Park in Kampala where he worked as a hawker Two days later, the Voice of Africa radio program broadcast that the body of Saidi Lutaaya was at the mortuary at Mulago hospital in KampalaNurses informed family that Lutaaya had been brought to the hospital early in the morning by soldiers. One said that the man had a hole in his foot and the bone of his lower leg was out, and that he was hit in the head with a hammer, blood was oozing out of his body.

These crimes against humanity, extensive and horrific as they may be, are dwarfed by those committed by Musevenis forces in the DRC. Without the knowledge of the relevant institutions, Museveni ordered Ugandan troops to invade Africas third largest country in the mid 1990s under the pretext of pursuing ADF rebels. As soon as they set foot in the country, the UPDF, along with Rwandan troops, started fighting one Congolese government after the other, plundered the countrys natural resources, massacred innocent civilians in masses and armed paramilitary groups that continue to butcher and torture.

These operations have so far led to the death of five million people. Many of them were slaughtered by the UPDF in shocking manners, as the UN Report says of one such case:
In the town of Beni, UPDF soldiers instituted a reign of terror for several years with complete impunity. They carried out summary executions of civilians, arbitrarily detained large numbers of people and subjected them to torture and various other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatments. They also introduced a particularly cruel form of detention, putting the detainees in holes dug two or three metres deep into the ground, where they were forced to live exposed to bad weather, with no sanitation and on muddy ground.

There is no reason to suggest that Museveni, the commander in chief, was not aware of these crimes committed over a period of years. Museveni, like Kagame, has total control over the military and monitors every detail of its operations. His failure to punish the UPDF commanders who directed the murderous operations and his insistence that no crimes were committed at all point to his possible involvement.

The tactics used to slaughter innocent Congolese villagers were also applied on the people of northern Uganda. To deny Joseph Konys rebels collaboration from the population, Musevenis government, as Mahmood Mamdani observes in Saviors and Survivors, embarked on an ethnically targeted civilian massacres and other atrocities.

Mamdani continues, It took a (Ugandan) government-directed campaign of murder, intimidation, bombing and burning of whole villages to drive the rural population into I.D.P. camps.

Such a record of alleged widespread murder and cruelty warrants Gen. Museveni a place on the list of Africas greatest murderers.
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