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Thanks Pascho for providing me use of this pic!


The world is ending one minute at a time


 I sit outside my house on the second floor patio, and legs propped out on an ottoman and a drink in hand, I watch the rain drops fall, the loud rumble of thunder, and the beautiful light show from the lighting, as I light my cigarette, I hear a strange sound then a huge gust of wind knocks me off my chair, I look up and see this huge strange craft, racing by,  noticing it  looked like nothing I have ever seen, then again a huge gust of wind blows by, I see 2 military aircraft chasing after the first craft, I fix my chair and prop my feet again and light my smoke, the moment I take a drag, I see a huge explosion towards the direction of the air craft, I stand up and keep a close eye to see what events might unfold


To my surprise I was right, a huge robotic machine falls from the skies, a large earth shattering rumble can be heard, as the sounds of mechanical gears and metal on metal clinking together blares out, I realized we are all doomed, I run down to the street to get a better look. The moment I open my doors I see tanks and aircrafts destroying the land and huge robotic crafts, shooting lasers and missiles back, this is a war zone, with sirens blowing almost deafening to the ear I begin to run to cover, the streets are covered with smoke and debris, I am hiding under large tank that has been flipped over, I look up and see a large missile heading directly at me, I begin to ponder, this is my life and this is a war torn world and it was ending one minute at a time.    



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