Let's put this to rest... again.

And the drama continues....  I was a fool to think that this blog section would return to it's former glory for very long.   Although short, I did enjoy it.   It gave our newer members a brief glimpse of what this blog section could be without the childish bullshit that plagues this site.

Things were good.  Not too many people were hating on each other, and the one's who were, were ignored for the most part.  Like cattle to a green pasture, the lack of bullshit brought about many new bloggers, and even some vets came back.  Neko even sent me a pm saying that there was "too much hate" and asked me if I would hug her and make up.  She even added me to her buddy list.   I was really hoping that she was in fact bored of the bullshit, and I was more than willing to put our history behind us, for the sake of peace and comfort.
 But yet again, Neko's presence has contaiminated the soil under our feet, and has made the grass inedible. She's gone back to her desperate, childish, and obsessive ways, to everyone's misfortune.

Lately, without creditability, or original material, Neko has been proclaiming dominance over this blog section.   I hope that what I'm about to say will shine some light upon this situation.

Yes, I was banned.  I broke a rule of EBW by posting Neko's personal information.  I decided to do this because I wanted Neko to talk about something different besides my real life.  And it worked.
Really, it was only a matter of time before Neko's facebook page information appeared here... she had already contacted many ebaums members on facebook, and even some family members of EBW members, in an attempt to drag out this drama as far as she could.  That's how I found out what her facebook url was.  Upon visiting her page, I found all of the information I posted (in that blog that I was banned for) right there on her page.  I didn't even have to befriend her to see it.  She didn't use any of the privacy settings that facebook provides.  It was too easy.  I don't know why she's so ashamed of any of it appearing here (she has over 1600 friends on fb)... in fact I'm certain that she isn't, and only cried to the mods about it, because she knew it would result in me being banned.

Point number two:
I was here first.... so, really if you were to compare the work of both Neko and I, this is MY blog section.   Neko's first blog (if you could call it that... it wasn't even in English...) was written 69 weeks ago, my first blog was written a whole 33 weeks prior to that.... no amount of alternate accounts can change that fact.   I've also written many more blogs than she has, and even more if you take into account the fact that many of Neko's blogs are
almost the exact same.   Just count the amount of blogs there are of hers that mention that I was banned, and use that as one of many examples.

Since I've been here longer than she has, I've been able to observe Neko from the beginning, and now have a clear understanding of this retard.  Let's get a few facts straight.

Neko thrives for attention... good or bad.  She will do anything to achieve it.  She will even give it to herself if the amount of attention she receives isn't enough to feed her obsession for it.   If you don't pay the amount of attention she wants from you, she will bring up insults and drama from back when you did pay attention to her.... for example: me posting stuff I found on her facebook.  
She often picks which facts she will ignore or exploit, as long as it makes someone look bad, or she believes it makes her look good... she even been known to make shit up. For example: To this day she refuses to acknowledge the fact that some of her uploads were also deleted as a result of her posting personal info.

I fully expect Neko to do at least one of the following things... that's how predictable she is.

Rate this blog 1 star with many alts.
Ask me if I'm mad, or jealous.
Tell me that she didn't give me permission to write this
Pretend to be flattered by the fact that I wrote a whole blog about her
Bring up something from previous wars between us
Say that she owns this section
Say that she "owned" me
Bring up rednote, or GiJoe
Read this list and not do any of the above because I predicted she would do it.

What I never expect her to do is to admit motive, fault, nor consider anything I said here. 

Neko, this is my blog section!   Without me, you are nothing....  You need me.   You can't go a day without mentioning me somewhere.   Half of your blogs and comments wouldn't exist if it wasn't for my presence.

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