Ohayou, guys! Many of you might have already heard about this. It's not very surprising, since my section has been crawling with trolls and attention whores recently and you can take a look at the view count on the blogs.

There are two sections that are cumbersome to the admins. Live chat is entertainment for a few. It's not easy to manage with people showing their penises on cam and trolls flooding the board. My blogs section is even worse. Some idiots can make an admin's life a hell. Flaggots tagging dozens of blogs making them disappear, leading to the authors contacting an admin as soon as he/she shows up on meebo. They have to go through a lot of flagged media and decide what to bring back. But there's more. Troll agenda. Drama queens. Attention whores. Those people make my section lame and a lot of authors and viewers have left the blogging section because of them. Me and Frogbob can't fuel the whole section. It's sad that the other actual bloggers got tired of the trolls and left. 

Now to the point. The idea of eBone Poker is very simple - a lot of users wanted a new feature that allows them to gamble their points. The thing is, it's going to need a lot of staff members to test the beta and to moderate it. This means either the Live Chat or my Blogs section must go. It wasn't a tough decision to make. Of course, they have decided that the Blogs section is a hindrance and doesn't serve much purpose. Live Chat, on the other hand, can be managed by user mods and might prove useful. There you have it.

Are you happy now, trolls? I won't name the people responsible for this section's fall. Everybody knows who I mean. In a matter of few weeks, the Blogs section might disappear. The blogs will still be visible in user profiles and can be accessed through the 'search' bar. If you have some projects pending that you saved in a text document on your HDD, I suggest you post it soon. I'm not sure when exactly the eBone poker project is implemented

Uploaded 09/17/2011
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