Liberal or Regressive

Ok for all intent's and purposes I have been drinking now for 18hrs (luxury of not having work for 3 days)  So please excuse the rambling/spelling errors.

My question to the reader is...
Do you know someone who is "Liberal" or "Regressive"    < I use Regressive because I feel Conservative no longer means dick when it comes to modern politics, its all about where you want the line to be drawn in the imaginary sand on any given topic, if your to the left of that line your "liberal" to the right your regressive.  

I for one do not know anyone who is a cliche of either....  I know LIberals who own multiple guns, I know Regressives who own no guns.  

My point to all this?   We do not have a country of partisan people, our politics, our news, our "hierarchy" does.   I have found common ground with people on this forum that usually I would avoid being friends with.   One major player in all this is Palehorse.   He and I will NEVER see Eye to eye, but (and i hope) have found mutual respect regarding discussions.   (unlike RBEO who is a fucking trolling retard who eats paste)  

I ask all of you, have you met a "liberal" or a "regressive" in any fashion?  I for one have not, I come to the conclusion that there are no one person like that.... were all individuals trying to find a line to draw in the sand..   Where we draw the line needs to be discussed, but the Trolling idiots that frequently post things here like "liberals should die" or "Stupid republicans"  needs to stop...   How can we have a discussion if we start it off with "your an idiot, here's how it should be"   
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