lied to at repair shop, very rediculous

Brought my 1998 Chevy cavalier to a repair shop in town.  My car had been leaking coolant very fast and they had found it was coming from the water pump, I had told them it had overheated a few times from it running low, but that I had stopped to top it off when I could, and waited for it to cool back down before I keep going. All in all I was quoted on a new water pump, ($162), a coolant flush ($69) and 2 hours of labor at a rate of $110 per hour.  However,  he had also added a transmission flush onto the bill, which was another $129, he explained the transmission fluid is pumped through cooler lines that go to the radiator where coolant further cools off the transmission fluid, and that the engine overheating issue had depleted the transmission fluids ability to cool, therefore overheating and burning the transmission fluid. This didnt seem right to me, With the help of google on my phone, within 2 min I had found that transmission fluids can withstand  up to 600 degrees without breaking down, and that an overheated engine is in the 260 to 290 degree range. (someones making up bs) I had brought my car home to attempt the water pump myself, a mechanically inclined friend wound up coming over to help me, and after telling him the story he pointed out that the transmission cooler was remote from the radiator, and that some transmission coolers are mounted by or in the radiator, the coolant does not cool the fluid, it is the airflow across the grid from the vehicles speed, he was right. the guy at the shop lied to my face
Uploaded 09/19/2011
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