Well my home life now officially sucks! My dad's been the hospital for over a month now and will probably be there until my mom cleans up her act. My mom's only been working two day's a week due to the summer holidays there fore getting paid half as much. Today she called the child Tax benifit place to see if she could get the direct deposit stopped because everytime they sent money the bank would take every pennie of it. Well on the bennifits sheet they made an error and instead of writing my birthday as July they wrote it as June now their taking all the money back... My mom also went to welfare today to see if she could get some money... seeing as we have no money for food, school, or clothes. They basicly told her to go fuck her self. My sister is just going into grade 7 and she still has no idea what school she will be going to and my mom wont get up off her ass to help her choose one. Everytime my sister brings up the subject my mom just tells her to screw off.... Well my mom went to bed and left me with my two sibilings, they are both grounded and never listen to me so they both went outside, tommorow my moms going to be bitching at me for letting them go out.. Well my life sucks.... leave me somemore shitty comments.


Uploaded 08/16/2008
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Tags: life