Liquor store

so i work in a liquor store same thing day in and day out, for the most part, but the holidays really draw out the stuipid people. I have to answer coustomer questions some are dumber than others.  a woman walked in wearing teddy bear slippers , stood between me and a 25ft long wall of vodka and asked "you sell vodka in here?" i looked behind her and replied "nah were all out" a girrls looked klike she just tearned 21, twisting her hair with her finger and asked "ummm...whats ina guin and tonic?" i rolled my eyes "i duinno perhaps some gin and i dunno tonnic?" and my very favorite is the woman who asked "do you know the difference bettween vodka and cherry vodka?" "yes the size of the bottlei beat you with" dont get me wrong there are alot of good coustomers too like the daily reguulars who claim to be "buying for some one else" even though they get the same pint every day one of my personal favorites is a guy who buys a ppint of black velvet runs in the sttire so i grabbed the bottle for him put it on the counter he threw some cash on the copounter "my wife is in the store next door if she catches me in here im dead keep the change!" and he was in and out in 2 minutes flat

but thats only on good days usualy its the same thing day in day out  

Uploaded 01/12/2009
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